10 Most Expensive Items Sold On eBay

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Ebay is one of the world’s biggest multinational e-commerce corporations. The American company, formed in 1995 has facilitated peer to peer online sales with amazing success. You can sell items for as little, or as much as you want. So what are the most expensive items ever sold?

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10 Most Expensive Items Sold On eBay

The List:

Ian Usher’s ‘Life’ | $309,292

Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Baseball Bat | $577,610

Ferrari Enzo | $1,000,000

Honus Wagner Baseball Card | $1,100,000

The Town of Bridgeville, CA | $1,770,000

War-Proof Bunker | $2,100,000

The Town of Albert, TX | $2,500,000

Lunch with Warren Buffett | $2,600,000

Gulfstream II | $4,900,000 – Gigayacht | $168,000,000

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