Amazing Dog Accessories

dog cummincation buttons

There are billions of dog owners around the world and there are just as many accessories you can buy for them. From the simple (and necessary) dog collar to doggy fur coats and expensive dog houses to live in, some people treat their pets better than their friends. It doesn’t matter if you have a mixed breed rescue dog or a pure bred Akita, they deserve to be spoiled. These are some of our favorite, and very expensive, dog accessories.

Amazing Dog Accessories

Dog to Human Translator: Ever want to talk to you dog, or know what they are saying? You can buy surprisingly affordable ‘Dog Communication Buttons‘ and ‘Recordable Buttons For Dogs’.

Amour Dog Collar $3.2 Million: This collar has 52-carats worth of diamonds and a total of 1600 diamonds encrusted on the collar. The strap is white gold with crocodile leather.

Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath $6,695: Thousands of crystals placed by hand, the tub itself is also inspired by a 19th-Century clawfoot style.

Double Pet Stroller for Medium Dogs, Small Dogs, Cats, Multiple Pets, Apple Green – $200: Keep your best friend happy and comfortable when you go on adventures with the IBIYAYA pet strollers!

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