The Most Expensive Car in 2020

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There are so many new cars every year, but most of them aren’t comparatively expensive. The most expensive cars are usually classics, such as older Ferraris, Lamborghinis or Mercedes Benz. We’ve broken it down into two categories. The most expensive car you can buy in 2020 and the most expensive new car you can buy … Read more

The Most Expensive Motorcycles

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People buy motorcycles for all kinds of reasons, such as to race, to cruise the coastal roads, or simply to get to work. There are dozens of different types of motorcycles, from off-road, on-road, scooters, cruisers and choppers. To some its a necessity, while to others, its pure pleasure. Are you having a ‘Quarter Life … Read more

The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

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We all need to get away from Home sometimes, and have a well earned holiday. Hotel rooms range from backpacker dorms to multistory suits. Their prices range drastically from country to country, but did you ever wonder what are the Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the world? According to Lonely Planet, these are the top … Read more

Antonio Brown’s Net Worth


Antonio Tavaris Brown Sr is an American football wide receiver and punt returner . He was born July 10, 1988 in Miami., Florida, USA.He has previous played for Pittsburgh, Oakland and New England. But what is the Net worth of Antonio Brown? Antonio Brown Net Worth Antonio Brown has an estimated net worth of US$25m, … Read more

The Most Expensive Boats


A Luxury yacht is a status symbol, as well as a mode of transport. Boats and yachts come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you are taking the kids out fishing or in high speed pursuit from foreign government agents, you should consider investing in one of these boats. The most expensive boats. The … Read more

The Most Expensive Insurance Claims

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What are the world’s most expensive insurance claims? Most people have some kind of insurance, whether its car insurance, house insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance or life insurance, but these are the most expensive insurance claims ever made! Largest Single event – 2008 World Financial Crisis – US$21.5trillion After the near collapse of the world … Read more

What are the Most Expensive Gucci items?

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Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of leather goods and other fashion accessories such as shoes, handbags and belts. Founded in 1921 Gucci has a global turnover of over US$4.6 Billion. Gucci isn’t often cheap, but these are the Most Expensive Gucci Items. Most Expensive Gucci items Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt- US$250,000 Coming in at … Read more