Sotheby’s Cult Canvas Auction

most expensive sneakers

Sotheby’s Cult Canvas Auction ended on September 30th 2020 with some amazingly unique shoes selling for an amazing amount of money. The auction featured a total of eight rare and expensive one-off Nike sneakers, all of which are in perfect condition. Comprising official releases and also some production samples, they are “art and fashion, illustration … Read more

Most Expensive Hat

most expensive hat

Hats have been used by humans since 3000BC, and can described as a head covering that is worn for reasons such as protection against weather, religious ceremonies or even university graduations. In modern days, though, they are an important fashion item, as important as a man’s suit or pair of shoes. These are the most … Read more

The World’s Most Expensive Coronavirus Covid-19 Face Mask

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Award winning Israeli jewelry company, Yvel, is manufacturing what it claims will be the world’s most expensive coronavirus Covid-19 mask. It will be a gold, diamond-encrusted face mask costing US$1.5 million. The 18-karat white gold mask will be encrusted with 3,600 white and black diamonds and fitted with the top-rated N99 filters. It will weigh … Read more

Most Expensive Umbrella


Everybody needs an umbrella to keep the rain or sun from ruining your day. You can buy a cheap umbrella for just a few dollars, or you can splash out and buy the Most Expensive Umbrella. Most Expensive Umbrella The Most Expensive Umbrella was Designed by Angelo Galasso for the Italian luxury brand, Billionaire Couture. … Read more

Guinea Pig Armor US$24,300

most expensive guinea-pig-armor

This ‘Guinea Pig Armor’ sold on ebay for an amazing US$24,300. 100 percent of those profits went to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a non-profit organization in Virginia USA, dedicated to unwanted guinea pigs. “Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable? Do they get picked on by other guinea … Read more

Most Expensive Sunglasses

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Most Expensive Sunglasses Sunglasses, shades or sunnies, were originally designed as a form of protective eye-wear that would prevent bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging the eyes. Since 1930, though they became a major fashion accessory much like shoes or watches. You may be able to buy some cheap replica glasses for a … Read more

Most Expensive Engagement Rings

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Everybody who has ever been married has had an engagement ring. They can range from simple and inexpensive, to featured clusters of ornate gemstones and diamonds. What ever your engagement ring looks like, make sure you secure it with the appropriate Diamond ring insurance. These are the most expensive engagement rings. Top 10 Most Expensive … Read more

Most Expensive Wedding Dresses

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Every wedding needs a dress of some kind. You can buy them for cheap at a 2nd hand clothing store, or even for free handed down from a relative. These, however, and the Most Expensive Wedding Dresses. Most Expensive Wedding Dresses Melania Trump’s Christian Dior Dress – $100,000 Princess Diana’s Legendary Emmanuels – $115,000 Amal … Read more