Most Expensive WNBA Basketball Card


The Women’s National Basketball Association, or WNBA, commenced in 1997 and is a professional basketball league in the United States. Even though it’s a relatively new sport at this professional level, it’s trading cards are still keenly sort after by fans and collectors. This is the most expensive WNBA basketball card. #1 2016 Rittenhouse Breanna … Read more

Richest Skateboarders In The World

richest skateboarder

Skateboarding is an extreme sport that involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Many skateboarders have made plenty of money through skateboarding. According to a 2009 statistic, skateboarding has an estimated annual market revenue of $4.8 billion with over 11.08 million active riders worldwide. Some big names like Tony Hawk,  Rob Dyrdek and Jamie Thomas … Read more

Most Expensive Stadiums

sofi stadium

Stadiums aren’t just a place for games and sport, they’re a meeting place for the most exclusive crowds. Whether you are watching NFL in America, Baseball in Japan or Cricket in India, from sports geeks to celebrity fans, the ever-growing competition for the best stadium comes at a high cost. And costs are only rising … Read more

NBA Michael Jordan’s trainers sell for $560,000

most expensive

NBA Michael Jordan’s trainers sell for $560,000 NBA Basketball legend Michael Jordan’s autographed trainers (sneakers) last worn in 1985 sold for $560,000 in an online auction. Jordan wore the The Nike Air Jordan 1’s during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls. Sold by Sotheby’s, the previous record was $437,500 for a pair of Nike’s … Read more

10 Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold

most expensive

10 Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold According to Wikipedia Air Jordan is a brand of basketball shoes, casual,athletic and style clothing produced by Nike. It was originally created for former NBA player and 6 time NBA Finals MVP Michael Jordan. The first Air Jordan sneakers were produced exclusively for Michael Jordan in 1984, … Read more

Most Expensive Baseball Glove


Known around the world as America’s pastime, baseball was established in several other countries as well, as early as 1877. A Baseball Glove is a crucial piece of equipment for any player, and they vary in quality and of course, price. They can be cheap, or they can be the Most Expensive Baseball Glove. Most … Read more