Corey B Net Worth


Born in Tampa, FL on July 20th 1988, Corey Bonalewicz, known professionally as “Corey B” is a US radio personality, comedian and internet star. With all his success, what is the net worth of Corey B?

Corey B Net Worth

Corey B has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million, earned primarily through his radio work and internet presence. He is known for his work as a DJ for Kidd Nation.

Originally working for the Chicago radio station B96, he was working for B 97 in New Orleans when he was selected as a Kidd Nation DJ.

Corey B has a massive social media following with over 7 million followers on Tiktok, 2.2 million Facebook followers and 590,000 on his Instagram.

Corey B’s height and weight are unknown, but he certainly looks like he takes care of himself.

While Corey doesn’t have a wife, he and his long term girlfriend Alicia Marie Aucoin have one child, a son named Lex. Alicia was born on August 15th 1990 and is also a celebrity internet star. She is best known as the matriarch on their youtube channel “The B Family“. You can also follow Alicia on her Instagram account.

In June 2021 Corey was involved in an incident with former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi, when he slapped him in the back of the head with chalk.

Malignaggi was involved in the broadcasting of a a celebrity boxing fight between former NBA star Lamar Odom and singer Aaron Carter when Corey hit him with a handful of chalk and yelled “how’s your cut, G?”. Malignaggi immediately confronted Corey, but was stopped by security guards. This was a planned attack that had been brewing for some time between the two. It has since been announced that Corey B has a celebrity boxing contract and will hopefully fight in October 2021.

Corey B Bio

Meet Corey B, a dynamic and multi-talented comedy sensation who has taken the world of social media by storm. With a penchant for laughter and a magnetic personality, Corey has built an empire of entertainment that has captured the hearts of millions.

Corey Bonalewicz was born on July 20, 1988, in Tampa, Florida, and later moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Corey B is primarily known for his hilarious comedy content, which he skillfully shares across various social media platforms. From side-splitting sketches to outrageous pranks and jaw-dropping challenge videos, his unique blend of humor never fails to leave his audience in stitches. His witty observations, relatable anecdotes, and impeccable comedic timing have earned him a devoted following, affectionately known as “The B Family.”

Beyond his comedic prowess, Corey B has also made a name for himself in the world of sports and athleticism. As a professional athlete and boxer, he garnered significant attention after a memorable bout with the renowned American boxer Paul Malignaggi. His tenacity and passion for sports have served as a source of inspiration for many of his fans.

Corey’s infectious charm and captivating voice have also led him to excel as a radio personality. He has been a vital part of several highly successful radio shows and podcasts, including the widely popular “Cane and Corey Morning Show.” His ability to connect with listeners and entertain them on air has solidified his status as a beloved radio host.

A trailblazer in the entertainment industry, Corey B has evolved from hosting small comedy clubs to headlining his own shows. His remarkable journey from humble beginnings to global recognition showcases his dedication to his craft and his boundless ambition.

With a deep appreciation for his fans, Corey considers them an integral part of his success. The B Family’s unwavering support has been the driving force behind his thriving career, and he continuously shows his gratitude by engaging with them through various platforms.

Corey’s rise to fame began with the launch of his YouTube channel, where he first uploaded his comedic creations. One of his earliest videos, “Shark Throws Up On Radio DJs Face!” quickly gained traction and set the stage for his rapid ascent to stardom. Over the years, his content has evolved, capturing the attention of millions and making him one of the most sought-after influencers in the digital world.

Aside from his online presence, Corey B has expanded his brand to include merchandise, offering his fans an opportunity to connect with him beyond the virtual realm.

In interviews, Corey humbly acknowledges the years of hard work and hustle behind his success, emphasizing that becoming a content creator and influencer demands relentless creativity and dedication. Despite the challenges, Corey’s passion for entertaining people remains unwavering, and he continues to spread joy and laughter to every corner of the globe.

As Corey B’s star continues to rise, there is no doubt that he will leave an indelible mark on the world of comedy and beyond. With his unique talents, infectious energy, and genuine connection with his audience, Corey is poised to remain a beloved entertainer for years to come.

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