Dilraba Dilmurat Net Worth

Born in Ürümqi, Xinjiang, on June 3 1992, Dilraba Dilmurat, better known as simply ‘Dilireba’ ( 迪丽热巴; 迪麗熱巴), is a Chinese actress, model and singer. Making her acting debut in 2006 in ‘Seven Swordsman’, she has now acted in more than 5 films and dozens of TV shows. With all her success, what is the net worth of Dilraba Dilmurat?

Dilraba Dilmurat Net Worth

Dilraba Dilmurat has an estimated net worth of $15 million. She has become a household name in China, after starring in V Love, The Backlight of Love, and Liu Shan Men. Dilraba completed a Bachelor of Arts from Shanghai Theater Academy.

Does Dilraba Dilmurat have a boyfriend? She is currently single.

See Dilraba in the romantic drama ‘Fall In Love Like a Star

She is also a massive social media personality and the most in-demand brand ambassador in China. Her Douyin account (@274110380) has more than 55 million followers. (Douyin is ‘Tiktok’ within China)

Dilraba took over the lone female role in the Chinese version of “Running Man” from fellow Chinese star Angelababy. Angelababy was on maternity leave, and later gave birth to her son “Little Sponge”

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