How To Catch Angelfish in Sims 4

angelfish sims 4

In this comprehensive guide, we show you fast methods (cheats) and slow methods (catching) of acquiring Angelfish in Sims 4

Fast Methods

Method 1: Purchase From The Gallery

Numerous players in the Simmers community have shared “rooms” on the gallery containing the essential death flower. Occasionally, these rooms are equipped with both the death flower and other required components for crafting ambrosia. The cost of these rooms can fluctuate significantly. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Launch the gallery in your Sims game.
  2. Conduct a search for “angelfish.”
  3. Handpick one of the available rooms from the gallery and place it on your Sim’s lot.
  4. Return to live mode, and to facilitate the transfer of the angelfish into your Sim’s personal inventory, you may need to delete some of the room’s walls temporarily.
  5. Your angelfish is now in your Sim’s inventory, ready to be used for crafting ambrosia.

Method 2: Purchase from the Potion Ingredients Stall in the Magic Realm

Here are the instructions for acquiring the death flower from the magic realm:

  1. Access the magic realm by using the portal located in Glimmerbrook.
  2. Head over to Casters Alley within the magic realm.
  3. Examine the potion ingredients stall at Casters Alley.

This method is straightforward, but it necessitates The Sims 4 Realm of Magic game pack. It’s possible that the stall may not initially offer angelfish for purchase. In such cases, you can periodically revisit the stall over the next few in-game days until angelfish becomes available for sale. The angelfish is reasonably priced at just 11 simoleons.

Method 3: Use The Debug Cheat

You can discover angelfish in build/buy mode by using the debug cheat. Just follow these steps:

  1. Enable cheats in The Sims 4 by simultaneously pressing SHIFT + CTRL + C (For console players: hold down all four shoulder buttons). Then, input “testingcheats true” and press enter.
  2. Type “bb.showhiddenobjects” into the console and press enter.
  3. In build mode, access all the objects available in the game, including those typically hidden without this cheat (these items are part of the debug catalog).
  4. Search for “angelfish” and press enter.
  5. Place it onto your Sim’s lot.
  6. In live mode, you can attempt to transfer the angelfish to your Sims’ inventory, although this step can sometimes be glitchy.

What is the Angelfish Cheat in The Sims 4?

In the past, there was a cheat available to summon collectibles, including the angelfish, in The Sims 4. However, this cheat is no longer functional. Instead, you’ll need to utilize the debug cheat, as outlined in the section above (method #2).

What is the Angelfish Cheat for Console Players (PS4/XBox One)?

Console players, on PS4 or Xbox One, can follow the same steps as PC players mentioned in the section above. But, in step 1, you’ll need to press down on all four triggers to activate cheats.

What is the Ambrosia Cheat in The Sims 4?

To expedite the creation of the ambrosia treat in The Sims 4, you can use cheats. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single cheat to acquire it directly. Instead, you’ll need to use cheats to obtain all three ingredients (angelfish, death flower, and the potion of youth) individually. Additionally, you’ll need to adjust your Sim’s skill levels to prepare the ambrosia treat.

While it may sound intricate, it’s relatively straightforward. Simply follow these steps to have ambrosia ready in no time:

  1. Activate cheats
  2. Follow the steps mentioned above for the angelfish cheat (debug cheat) or use one of the alternative methods to acquire angelfish.
  3. Employ the debug cheat to retrieve the death flower from the debug menu or use one of the six methods described in this post to obtain the death flower.
  4. Purchase the potion of youth from the reward store for 1500 satisfaction points.
  5. Input “stats.set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking 10” into the cheats bar.
  6. Press enter to maximize your Sim’s gourmet cooking skill, a requirement for crafting ambrosia treats (learn more about the gourmet cooking skill cheat here).
  7. While in the game, click on a fridge or stove and choose the “Cook Gourmet Meal” action. Then, select to cook ambrosia.

How to Maintain an Unlimited Supply of Angelfish in The Sims 4?

To ensure an endless stock of angelfish, at least one Sim in your household must have discovered an angelfish using one of the three methods outlined at the beginning of this post. This discovery will be recorded in the Household Collections.

In build mode, use terrain tools to add a pond to your Sim’s lot and place a “fishing allowed” sign by the pond. This sign permits your Sims to fish in the pond.

In live mode, click on the sign to stock the pond, and you’ll be able to choose from any fish that your Sims have discovered in their Household Collections. Your Sims can then fish in the pond, making it easier and more reliable to catch angelfish as they desire.

Slow Method (Catching)

The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

I’ve noticed a recurring trend of people seeking help with Angelfish locations. Frequently, the advice given is to check the “Willow Creek Rivers,” which used to be accurate according to the guides. However, it seems this information is now outdated due to significant fishing patches that have been overlooked and not updated.

To address this, I decided to conduct a thorough investigation and personally tested all the fishing spots to identify EXACTLY where Angelfish can be found. After completing the fishing requirements, I can confidently state that there are 45 Angelfish fishing spots if you haven’t explored all the pack worlds.

To identify these spots easily, just observe the spawner visually. Angelfish are visible in the spawner, making it straightforward to determine whether a particular location contains them. I made sure to catch at least one Angelfish in each spot and even spent several Sim days in some spots where they were clearly absent, just to confirm my findings. As a result, I didn’t catch any Angelfish in those locations, which wasn’t surprising at all.

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

If you spot Angelfish in the spawners, you’ve found the correct location!

I meticulously explored every neighborhood, world, and even the secret lots. Unfortunately, there are no Angelfish spots in Glimmerbrook, but I did find one in the Magic Realm. Additionally, I checked Granite Falls and Selvadorada, but no Angelfish were present there. I must admit that I didn’t investigate the occupation worlds or Sixam as I don’t believe they have any fishing spots to begin with.

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

In Sylvan Glade, you won’t find any Angelfish. However, in the Forgotten Grotto, there are three spots, and happily, two of these spots are home to Angelfish.

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

It’s worth noting that two of the spawners are stacked on top of each other in a way that allows you to easily spot the Angelfish. After spending 48 sim hours at the red spawner with no success, I moved to the other one, where I caught an Angelfish on the first attempt.

As for Willow Creek, the Community lot neighborhood has the highest concentration of Angelfish spots, totaling 6 locations, all of which are known to have Angelfish. Additionally, the two fishing spots in front of Oakenstead also have Angelfish, but not the ones on the backside of the bridge.

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

The two front Oakenstead spots have Angelfish too.

In Oasis Springs, you’ll be delighted to know that nearly every fishing spot is home to Angelfish. Especially along the river strip, which happens to be my personal favorite spot, you’ll find an abundance of Angelfish. I managed to catch my first one at fishing level 6, and from there, they just kept coming in rapidly. It’s truly a fantastic location for Angelfish enthusiasts!

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

In this area, there are a total of three fishing spots, with an additional one located further to the left. However, please be aware that the park is an exception, and Angelfish cannot be found there. So, for the best chances of catching Angelfish, focus on the spots within this area and avoid the park. Happy fishing!

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

In Oasis Springs, every fishing hole except for the upper red spot contains Angelfish. Despite spending 48 sim hours trying, no Angelfish were found in that particular spot, which was quite disappointing.

On a more positive note, when you visit Center Park in San Myshuno, you’ll discover three fishing holes, and all of them are teeming with Angelfish. So, if your goal is to catch Angelfish, Center Park in San Myshuno should be your top choice. Happy fishing!

r/Sims4 - The Complete Angelfish Fishing Location Guide

Among the two neighborhoods with fishing spots, only one of them contains Angelfish.

In Newcrest, Forgotten Hollow, Brindleton Bay, and Sulani, every fishing spot you come across will have Angelfish available for catching.

The easiest Angelfish spots, according to my experience, are the ones along the river in Oasis Springs. Fishing here is effortless and quick, and I didn’t even need to use any bait; the regular Go Fishing option worked perfectly.

After legitimately catching some Angelfish, I decided to experiment and used cheats to give myself the Focused moodlet. This was mainly to identify which spots were viable for catching Angelfish, not to make it easier. For the best chance of success, I also used the “Angle for Big Catch” option during my cheat-testing phase.

Where to find and catch Angelfish

Sims 4 players have the opportunity to discover and catch Angelfish in a total of 45 locations, provided they have access to all the pack worlds. Among these locations, Willow Creek stands out as the most popular spot for Angelfish fishing.

To enhance your chances of success when fishing for Angelfish, the recommended bait to use is bass and frogs. However, keep in mind that Angelfish are extremely rare, so patience is key to successfully catching one.

To ensure you have a steady supply of bait during your Angelfish fishing endeavors, head to the ponds in Willow Creek to catch 5 or 6 frogs before you begin your fishing efforts. This way, you won’t run out of bait after your initial attempts and can continue fishing without interruptions. Happy fishing and good luck in your pursuit of the elusive Angelfish!

How To Catch An Angelfish in Sims 4?

Step 1: Acquire the Fishing Skill

Before you can catch an angelfish, you need to have a Sim with a high enough fishing skill. You can increase your Sim’s fishing skill by fishing in different locations and catching different types of fish. As your Sim’s skill level increases, they will be able to catch more difficult fish, including the elusive angelfish.

Step 2: Locate the Angelfish

Angelfish can be found in a few different locations throughout the game, including Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. You can also check the fishing spots in each area to see if an angelfish is available. Keep in mind that angelfish can be rare and difficult to catch, so it may take some time and patience to find one.

Step 3: Choose the Right Bait and Equipment

Once you have located an angelfish, you need to make sure you have the right equipment and bait. Angelfish prefer bait that is small and colorful, such as the rainbow trout or minnows. Make sure to equip your Sim with the appropriate fishing rod and bait before attempting to catch an angelfish.

Step 4: Fish in the Right Spot

Angelfish tend to swim in deeper waters, so make sure to cast your line in a deep enough spot. You can use the “Fishing Info” option to see the depth of the water in a particular fishing spot. If the water is too shallow, you may not be able to catch an angelfish.

Step 5: Reel in the Angelfish

Once you have cast your line and attracted an angelfish, it’s time to reel it in. Angelfish can be tricky to catch, so be patient and don’t rush the process. Keep an eye on the tension meter and use the “Reel In” option when the tension is low. If the tension gets too high, you may lose the fish.

Step 6: Take Care of Your Angelfish

After you have caught an angelfish, it’s important to take care of it properly. You can either keep it as a pet in your aquarium or sell it for profit. Make sure to provide your angelfish with a suitable environment, including proper lighting and filtration. If you decide to sell your angelfish, make sure to price it appropriately based on its rarity and value.

In conclusion, catching an angelfish in Sims 4 can be a fun and rewarding experience. By following these steps and being patient, you can increase your Sim’s fishing skill and catch some of the rarest fish in the game. Remember to take care of your angelfish properly, whether you decide to keep it as a pet or sell it for profit. Happy fishing!

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