Lamborghini Yacht 63′

lamborghini yacht

Italian Supercar manufacturer Lamborghini has teamed up with The Italian Sea Group to produce a new super-yacht, called the ‘Technomar’ or ‘Lamborghini 63’. It could be yours for just $3.4 million.

It was built by both Lamborghini’s Centro Stile design studio and The Italian Sea Group and draws inspiration from the brands’ heritage, hence the name as it started building cars in 1963. Some of the cars that influence the new yacht include the hybrid Sián FKP 37 hypercar, as well as the classics such as the Countach and the Miura.

Just like its road-going counterparts, the yacht will put power first. As a result, Lamborghini has equipped it with two MAN V12-2000 HP engines, allowing for a top speed of 60 knots (69 MPH). House design cues can be found all around the boat, from the sharp angles that make it streamlined and bullet-like, to the choice of colors that make it stand out among other super-luxurious speed yachts.

Elsewhere, the roof references Lamborghini’s roadster models, while the use of Y-shaped bow lights is a direct draw from the Terzo Millennio concept. Inside you’ll find hexagon shapes, carbon fiber, and a cockpit inspired by Lamborghini’s road cars for more reference to the company’s design language.

The 63-foot-long, 24-tonne yacht is expected to release in the beginning of 2021. Take a closer look at the boat in the video below, or read all about Lamborghini in the 2020 book ‘Lamborghini: Where Why Who When What

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