Most Expensive Desserts In The World

debbie wingham

Dessert is defined as a course that concludes a meal. It may include anything that is sweet or savory, such as coffee, cheeses, chocolates, cakes or ice cream. It could be a simple after dinner mint, or it could be one of the most expensive desserts in the world. Which of these are on our list of the most expensive foods in the world?

Most Expensive Desserts In The World:

10. Beyond Gourmet Jelly Beans – $500

9. Golden Phoenix Cupcake – $1,000

8. Krispy Kreme Luxe Donut – $1,685

7. Luxury Zebra Cro – $1,950

6. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate – $25,000

5. Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel Chocolate Pudding – $34,000

4. Absurdity Sundae – $60,000

3. Diamond Fruitcake – $1.72 million

2. Strawberries Arnaud – $9.85 million

1. Debbie Wingham Runway Fashion Show Cake – $75 million

It should be pointed out that you can treat yourself to some ‘Krispy Kreme Glazed Raspberry Filled Doughnuts‘ for a lot less money!

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