Most Expensive Dinosaur Fossil Ever Sold

most expensive dinosaur

The world of dinosaur fossils is captivating and competitive, with rare specimens fetching staggering prices at auctions. Here’s a glimpse into the top 10 most expensive dinosaur fossils ever sold, each with a unique story and remarkable features:

10 Most Expensive Dinosaur Fossil Ever Sold

  1. “Stan” the Tyrannosaurus Rex (2020) – $31.8 million: This 37-foot-long T-Rex, nicknamed “Stan” after the rancher who discovered it in South Dakota, holds the record for the most expensive dinosaur fossil ever sold. Its exceptional preservation, complete with nearly all its teeth and bones, makes it a scientific marvel.
  2. “Sue” the Tyrannosaurus Rex (1997) – $8.3 million: Unearthed in South Dakota in 1990, “Sue” was the center of a legal battle between two museums before being acquired by the Field Museum in Chicago. This iconic T-Rex remains one of the most complete and studied dinosaur specimens ever found.
  3. “Hector” the Velociraptor (2018) – $12.4 million: This well-preserved Velociraptor fossil, nicknamed “Hector,” captured the imagination of collectors with its dynamic pose and exceptional detail. It was discovered in Mongolia and is considered one of the most complete raptor skeletons ever found.
  4. “Big John” the Triceratops (2014) – $7.2 million: Standing at an impressive 8 feet tall and 26 feet long, “Big John” is one of the largest and most complete Triceratops skulls ever discovered. This magnificent specimen showcases the iconic horns and frill of this herbivorous dinosaur.
  5. Gorgosaurus (2018) – $6.1 million: This Gorgosaurus, a close relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, is known for its impressive size and well-preserved skull. It was discovered in Alberta, Canada, and offers valuable insights into the evolution of tyrannosaurs.
  6. The Diplodocus Three (2013) – $5.8 million: This unique find consists of three partially complete Diplodocus skeletons found together in Wyoming. This grouping provides paleontologists with a rare opportunity to study how these massive sauropods may have interacted in herds.
  7. Allosaurus (2020) – $3.46 million: This Allosaurus fossil, nicknamed “The Morrison Monster,” is a complete skeleton discovered in Wyoming. It showcases the distinctive features of this theropod dinosaur, including its sharp claws and powerful jaws.
  8. Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus: Fighting Pair (2013) – $2.7 million: This remarkable specimen depicts the fossilized remains of an Allosaurus and a Stegosaurus locked in combat. This “fight club” fossil provides a rare glimpse into predator-prey interactions from the Jurassic period.
  9. Unknown Dinosaur (2018) – $2.3 million: This unidentified dinosaur fossil, nicknamed “The Mystery Dragon,” was discovered in Wyoming. Its fragmentary nature has made it difficult to classify, but it still holds potential for scientific discoveries.
  10. Allosaurus (2022) – $1.78 million: This Allosaurus fossil, discovered in Utah, is notable for its complete and well-preserved skull. It provides valuable insights into the anatomy and predatory behavior of these large theropods.

These fossils represent not only valuable scientific specimens but also testaments to the enduring fascination with dinosaurs. As paleontological discoveries continue, the list of remarkable and expensive dinosaur fossils might continue to grow, offering valuable insights into the prehistoric world.

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