Most Expensive Dobro Resonator Guitar


The Dobro is an American brand of resonator guitar. Although they were made since 1928 by the “Dobro Manufacturing Company”, founded by instrument repairman/inventor John Dopyera and musician George Beauchamp, the patent was bought in 1993 by Gibson Guitars. They are currently manufactured by its subsidiary Epiphone.

Most Expensive Dobro Resonator Guitar

Although you can find a new Dobro guitar for sale for a price between $300-$800, the most expensive Dobro Resonator ever sold was a vintage that went for $112,500. No where near enough to make our “Most Expensive Guitars” list.

The 1933 A RESONATOR GUITAR, MODEL 27 was part of the “David Gilmour Guitar Collection” which sold at auction in 2019. The Christies auction featured 127 lots from the “Pink Floyd” legend, with total sales over $21 million.

The listing description says “DOBRO, LOS ANGELES, CIRCA 1933,A RESONATOR GUITAR, MODEL 27
Bearing the later Dobro logo decal at the headstock, stamped at the end of the headstock 5617, stamped on the cover 1896484 / other pats. pend., with later semi-hard case bearing a label inscribed RESONATOR SUNBURST – WOOD BODY #5617 of 5617 DOBRO 1934 SERIAL NO. DG1090; accompanied by a facsimile copy of the original sales invoice from California Guitar,made out to Mr. David Gilmour and dated 15th December 1979, and a candid color snapshot of David Gilmour playing this guitar in 2001
Length of back 19 ½ in (49.7 cm.)”

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