Most Expensive Lighters in the World

most expensive

Cigarette lighters have been around since 1823 when a German chemist, Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner, invented the Döbereiner’s lamp.

Most are made of plastic these days, though some over the years have been made with the world’s most expensive Gemstones.

These are Most Expensive Lighters in the World

10. Dunhill Gold Apex – $13,000

9. 1933 Zippo – $18,000

8. Cartier Watch Lighter – $18,988

7. Faberge Jeweled and White Enameled Lighter – $30,000

6. Cartier Black Enamel and Diamond Lighter – $34,375

5. 75th Anniversary Zippo – $37,000

4. Faberge Yellow Enamel – $68,650

3. S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Champagne – $79,000

2. Faberge Imperial Table Lighter – $136,000

1. Silver and Jadeite Ashtray and Lighter – $254,500

Jadeite is among the hardest known gem materials. It is a pyroxene mineral with composition Albites. It is most commonly found in South East Asian country, Burma. It is usually light green but can be altered by adding other elements into it. It’s formation occurs in metamorphic rocks that are under high pressure and a low temperature.

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