Most Expensive Lightsaber

lightsaber most expensive

A Lightsaber is a fictional energy sword that featured in all Star Wars movies. It is generally a luminescent blade containing magnetic plasma extending approximately 3 feet, or 1 meter. The lightsaber is the signature weapon of both the Jedi and their Sith enemies. Many toy versions have been made over the years, some of which were affordable and some were the most expensive Star Wars toys ever made. Many people have tried to create replicas or 3D printed lightsabers, some being black lightsabers and some white lightsabers, but it is the original movie props that are the most expensive lightsabers you can buy.

In 2008 a Luke Skywalker’s Episode IV Lightsaber sold for an amazing $240,000, from the collection of movie producer Gary Kurtz.

Repilca Lightsabers

There are many lightsaber replica manufacturers around the world producing many different products, including Force FX Lightsabers and Neopixel Lightsabers (Plecter Pixel lightsaber)

FX Sabers make amazing replicas, which have sold for up to $15,000.

Solo’s Hold is another company that produces lightsabers, for a much more affordable $2,000

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