The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards


Have you spent your whole life in the Pokémon Trading Card Game trying to catch ‘em all? “You bet it is” Then pay close attention because some of them could pay your student loan. Find out which ones are worth a fortune!

Master Key Prize Card Indeed, the most expensive collectibles are usually a relic, but it’s not always the case in the world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Pokémon Snap Cards If you were a Pokémon fan when owning a Nintendo 64 was the coolest thing on earth, you surely remember the Pokémon Snap game, in which you became a fearless photographer.

Tropical Mega Battle Card Imagine being one of the few Pokémon Trading Card Game players invited to a tournament in Hawaii, in an elegant hotel by the sea, and on top of that, take home a card that’s worth a lot of money.

Prerelease Raichu Trainer, it’s time to prove your eye for recognizing a valuable card as a Pokémon expert. Ready for the next challenge?

Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard Well, now you know that a card with an error can be worth a lot of money, but what if it’s also a first edition card of one of the most popular Pokémon?

Tamamushi University Magikarp Remember that episode when a scammer sold James a Magikarp assuring him he’d get loads of money? Well, he wasn’t wrong at all. This Pokémon can make you earn thousands of dollars, at least if it’s printed on this card.

Charizard Holofoil 1995 Yes, here comes another Charizard card to steal another position. And how could it not since this fire-breathing dragon was every child’s dream?

Trainer Super Secret Battle No. 3 In order to obtain a rare card, you must have lots and lots of luck. However, if you want to get a truly unique one, you only have one option: be one of the best Pokémon card players in the world.

Pikachu Illustrator Card If you were someone who loved to draw Pokémon as a child and remember winning a card for that, you better run to your room and start looking everywhere for it.

Trophy Pikachu Trainer No. 1 Trophy cards obtained in official tournaments are unique in the world; however, there’re some cards even more special among them: those that belong to the first competitions.

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