Most Expensive Swimming Pools

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Most Expensive Swimming Pools

8. Umaid Bhawan Palace Located in India, the Umaid Bhawan Palace is more than just a place to swim. It’s actually both a resort and one of the official royal palaces for the royal family of India. It was constructed in 1943 after 15 years of work. It is so huge, it provided jobs to over 3,500 people!! It was so large, that at the time, it was considered the largest home in the world.

7. Gellert Bath Houses Back in the ancient times, it was actually quite common practice for people to not bathe in their own homes, but in bath houses. It was a place to get clean and hang out with other. In 1912, the construction of the Gellert Bath Houses in Budapest, Hungary was complete. Its style was meant to mix with the popular construction of the period, Art Nouveau. This style adds to the class of the bath house, as fine marble and art cover the place, allowing users to relax and enjoy a fine art show.

6. Nemo 33 Most people forget that there are actually three levels of measurement, width, length, and height. Another word to use for height measurement is depth, and if you want to find the deepest man-made pool in the world, you need to go to Belgium. Specifically, to Brussels and the Nemo 33 pool.

5. Hearst Castle Hearst Castle in California has two pools that are equally powerful and expensive. The Neptune pool itself actually began construction in 1924 for the original residents of the castle, and it took 12 years to make. By the end of its construction, the pool reached 108 feet in length, with an average width of 58 feet, and 95 feet at the alcove. The depth reaches from 3.5 feet deep to 10 feet deep.

4. Lev Leviev Residence Many of the world’s most expensive pools aren’t for the public, or even for paid recreation. Rather, they’re for the elite who can afford such magnificent pools, such as the one you’ll find in Lev Leviev Residence in the United Kingdom. Despite it being in the UK, it’s actually owned by an Israeli businessman named Lev Leviev, who personally paid for the construction of a lavish estate/private home that in total cost $68 million dollars.

3. San Alfonso del Mar When you think of a swimming pool, what do you picture? More than likely you picture a space that is full of people having fun in a menagerie of ways, but for the most part, it’s just people in the pool. But, in Chile, at San Alfonso del Mar, they decided that it wasn’t good enough. They wanted to make a pool so big that you could do more than any other pool before it. So, they made a swimming pool that was 20 acres in size. Not to mention, one that was almost a mile end to end.

2. Seagaia Ocean Dome As most people know, there are really two types of pools, regardless of the size they are. The first is an outdoor pool. The other is an indoor pool. If you’re looking for the largest indoor pool in the world, then you need to go to Japan and experience the Seagaia Ocean Dome. Ironically, the Seagaia Ocean Dome is part of a resort that has both outdoor and indoor pools.

1. City Of Stars When it comes to having the most expensive pool in the world, there is only one true choice, and that’s the City Of Stars pool in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. This pool was built by those who made the San Alfonso del Mar pool in Chile, and they used their expertise to make this one truly shine like a star.

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