The Most Expensive Wigs Ever Sold

Michael Jackson

Wigs and extensions are a common thing today. Most of our favorite celebrities wear them because changing up hair constantly is a growing trend in the entertainment industry. Bleaching or dying your hair every other day would be quite a hassle; not to mention, your hair would be fried within days with all the extensive styling. Models on runways and pop stars on stages flaunt unique and outrageous hairdos – most of the time these are simply some realistic looking wigs or extensions. Many celebs openly admit that the pretty hair on their head is not actually their own, while others keep it a secret because it isn’t obvious and everybody doesn’t need to know.

The most expensive wigs today are made from real human hair, but you can also get many cheap synthetic wigs that are made really well. Beautifully styled and maintained wigs complement one’s persona, cover up bald spots/receding hairlines, and save a lot of prep time. The money famous people spend on fake hair nowadays could easily drive a regular person to file bankruptcy. The use of wigs to accentuate character is an ancient formula in the Hollywood industry. Many Hollywood stars have worn special wigs for particular roles, which were later sold to collectors at a hefty price.

The most expensive wigs ever sold were not made from gold wires or unicorn hair; they were simply worn by very famous people and that is what made them so valuable. Some of these wigs were sold for more than what the average American earns in a year.

Aubrey Hepburn Wig

In 1959, MGM produced a film by the name ‘Green Mansions’. Aubrey Hepburn who originally had short dark hair had to portray a jungle girl that was supposed to have long flowing locks. MGM created a custom wig for Aubrey to match her head and hairline. The wig was made from real human hair and was later used in other MGM films as well. When the studio’s wig department shut down, the wigs were up for auction. This wig sold out for $6,400 which was quite the amount at the time.

Andy Warhol Wig

The iconic American pop artist, Andy Warhol, sure had an exclusive load of hair on his head. He actually owned more than a hundred wigs of the same style, which were all made by Italian stylist, Paul Bochicchio. One of these illustrious wigs ended up in a New York auction in 2006. It sold out for $10,800 and became the most expensive wig sold then.

Elizabeth Taylor Wig

The wig worn by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’ was something extraordinary. The super straight and silky dark brown hair, the wide bangs, complicated braids, and gold beads blew minds away back then. The wig-maker, Stanley Hall, make quite a name for himself after this marvelous creation. Some thrifty collector bought this wig for a whopping $16,000.

Marilyn Monroe Wig

The last film Marilyn Monroe starred in was ‘The Misfits’, which was released only a year before her death. The actress wore a curly shoulder-length ashen blonde wig make from real human hair sewn to a net. The wig came with an extra hair piece to add ringlets and increase the volume of hair. Monroe’s wig became a prized piece of history that was auctioned for $30,000.

Michael Jackson Wig

If you thought that $30,000 is far too extreme for a used wig, wait until you learn about Michael Jackson’s majestic hair. This sensational pop icon started wearing wigs after the famous Pepsi commercial incident; the star was engulfed in flames, causing burns to his face, hair, and scalp. USA Cap Weaver created Michael’s custom wig that was sold for $75,000 after his death.

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