Richest Fictional Characters

Richest fictional characters

From the pages of literature and the silver screen, fictional characters have captured our imaginations and often amassed incredible fortunes within their fictional universes. These characters, though not real, possess immense wealth that allows them to live lives of opulence and luxury. In this article, we dive into the realm of fiction to explore the richest fictional characters of all time. From iconic figures like Scrooge McDuck to enigmatic personalities like Tony Stark, join us as we unveil the fortunes and lifestyles of these larger-than-life characters who have captured our fascination and inspired dreams of untold riches.

The Top 36 Richest Fictional Characters

1. Scrooge McDuck, Net Worth $65.4 Billion

Scrooge made his debut appearance more than 65 years ago when he was featured in the Donald Duck story ‘Christmas on Bear Mountain’. His character is a throw-back to the original Dickensian Scrooge, and it’s for his frugalness which he’s best known.

Arriving in the United States at the age of 13, McDuck quickly built his fortune, rapidly earning his first million.

In 2007, Forbes approximated his wealth at $28.8 billion but that has increased significantly due to the increase in the price of gold.

2. Smaug, Net Worth $54.1 Billion

Smaug made his first appearance on the Forbes 15 list in 2011, a year before featuring in The Hobbit, with an approximated worth of below $9bn. Since then his wealth has been reviewed, and he’s risen to the position of a 2nd richest fictional character.

3. Carlisle Cullen, Net Worth $46 Billion

Even though he has lived for over 3 centuries, it’s hard to believe what Carlisle Cullen would have accumulated his fortune of $46bn from the “compound interest” that Forbes recognizes as his major source of wealth.

Perhaps he’ll double that over the next 100 years

4. Oliver ‘Daddy’ Warbucks, Net Worth $36.2 Billion

This ex-United States Army general turned defense contractor has performed very well for himself because of the Iraqi conflict.

Warbucks Industries is the greatest producer of the depleted uranium artillery shells, cat food, and cluster bombs in the world. Much to the influence of his adopted daughter, Annie, Oliver’s cold heart melted, and he eventually became quite the philanthropist.

5. Ming the Merciless, Net Worth $20.9 Billion

You might have to be somewhat young to recall Flash Gordon, but Ming was the despicable villain you simply loved to hate.

Ruthless ruler of the planet Mongo, Ming got his fortune through technologies and slavery. And you know, possessing the whole planet and all of its natural resources.

6. Mom (Futurama), Net Worth $15.7 Billion

Do not be deceived by her name or her granny-like demeanor; Mom implies business. She became the next CEO of MomCorp, a tech parent firm with divisions such as Mom’s Friendly Advanced Weapon & Munition Co. and Mom’s Friendly Robot Co.

An alum of the prominent Mars University on Futurama, she is even more apathetic and ruthless than Mr. Burns.

7. Artemis Fowl II, Net Worth $13.5 Billion

Once a child prodigy with the highest tested IQ in the Europe, Fowl is the child of an Irish crime lord who acquired the family business when his dad disappeared.

He assisted boosting the crime syndicate and successfully as dabbles in art theft as a hobby. Well, we all need to relax somehow. You can read his different adventures in the Artemis Fowl series of popular books by author Eoin Colfer.

8. Tony Stark, Net Worth $12.4 Billion

Stark Industries is owned and run by the self-proclaimed genius, playboy, multi-billionaire and philanthropist.

Created by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, Ironman or Tony Stark, built on his family’s success by enlarging Stark Industries and creating the Iron Man suit.

In more recent films, Stark is portrayed as a kind philanthropist, who has created ways of adopting clean energy and stays well away from arms industries.

9. Charles Foster Kane, Net Worth $11.2 Billion

Citizen Kane is popularly understood to be a representation of the William Randolph Hearst, the famous American media mogul of the 1890s. His fictional wealth is easily approximated by the comparison to reality.

Like Gatsby, Foster was born into poverty but received a lucky break when his family was offered a mine in the lieu of payment – that turned out to be rich in gold.

10. Jay Gatsby, Net Worth $11.2 Billion

Born and bred in North Dakota, the son of a dust-bowl farming family, Gatsby (born Jimmy Gatz) was continuously haunted of his poverty.

His prized properties include a 22 bedroom house on Long Island, NY and a man-made canary yellow Rolls Royce. He spent the rest of his youthful life touring the world by a yacht with the millionaire Dan Cody.

11. Lex Luthor, Net Worth $10.1 Billion

Bald-headed nemesis of Superman has got it made. As the CEO of Lexcorp, Lex invented the mastered time-travel, personal jetpack, and regularly dons a kryptonite embedded exoskeleton.

It requires more than chump change to bring the Superman down. Then again, he is cutting back on spending each and every time he gets sent to jail.

12. Jed Clampett, Net Worth $9.8 Billion

A real rag to wealth stories here, folk. Jed was as poor as they come till he stumbled upon black gold in his swamp. A Beverly Hillbilly as born.

Money does not divide the Clampett Family as they stayed as close knit even after turning the tides. Clampett Oil became famous in 1984, but the family remains in control even now.

13. Bruce Wayne, Net Worth $9.2 Billion

The main inheritor of Wayne Enterprises, the superhero/billionaire, is a very theme in the Forbes list.

Not only does he have high skill super-preparedness, but he has got a fat bank balance. The fictional firm is the eighth biggest international conglomerate in the DC Comics universe and is mainly known as the military defense contractor. (How else would possess those badass weapons?)

Watch out for the anti-shark repellent.

14. Gordon Gekko, Net Worth $8.5 Billion

Corporate raider made the first fortune buying up, reforming poorly managed firms; later developed pioneering hedge fund Gekko Partners.

Largely credited on the street for developing collateralized debt obligations (CDOs); considered to have shorted S&P 500 and banks close to the peak.

Noticeably seen celebrating at the Manhattan restaurant the night Lehman Brothers failed: “Greed is good … for me, not them!”

Despite superb fortune, he is rumored to be lobbying United States government for billions in the bailout funds.

15. Jabba the Hutt, Net Worth $8.4 Billion

Jabba obtained his fortune by shady resources. This Star Wars gangster engages in both politics and criminal underworld. Of course, He knows how to maximize his wealth, living somewhat the hedonistic lifestyle.

He really enjoys gambling on the pod races, feeding different enemies to his pet rancor and human women. Ladies, he is single!

16. Thurston Howell III, Net Worth $8 Billion

This billionaire is unluckily MIA with some poor individuals on the Gilligan’s Island. On time a playboy bachelor, he inherited privately owned Howell Industries in 1955 wedded an equally out of touch lady, Lovey. Movers and shakers, The Howell’s are popular in aristocratic social circles and even use cash to light cigars.

17. Carter Pewterschmidt, Net Worth $7.2 Billion

Greedy Pewterschmidt of Family Guy is interested with the big boys, playing cards with the likes of Michael Eisner Bill Gates, and Ted Turner. He shuns philanthropy over the philandering. Likes drinking, ascots and abusing his son-in-law.

18. Adrian Veidt, Net Worth $7 Billion

You might better know the world’s most handsome guy as Ozymandias from The Watchmen. Undeniably, he was born of wealth but offered it all away prior to turning 18 to go on a vision quest.

He became a crime fighter and after coming back made a fortune marketing his personal image. Smart, fit, handsome and rich you say? Sign me up.

19. Richie Rich, Net Worth $5.8 Billion

Richie Rich resides in Richville, and is the only child of industrialist Mr. Richard Rich Sr.

He rarely attends school, spending most of his time with his robotic cleaner Irona and butler Cadbury. More recently, he has shown his philanthropic side.

20. Forrest Gump, Net Worth $5.7 Billion

Despite having under average IQ, Mr. Gump’s plucky kind heart and attitude have helped him well. With a successful shrimping firm as well as getting original stock in Apple, this happy-go-lucky good guy has made out like a bandit. He is also one of the most adorable billionaires on our list.

21. Terry Benedict, Net Worth $2.5 Billion

This casino magnet possesses The Mirage, Bellagio, and the MGM Grand in the Las Vegas according to the Ocean’s Eleven. Shrewd, savvy and serious, Benedict also enjoys the greater things in life: Statuesque ladies, best suits, and revenge.

22. Christian Grey, Net Worth $2.5 Billion

Being the founder and CEO of his company, Grey Enterprise Holdings Inc., the star of the book series ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is no stranger to the most luxurious items in life, and judging from the sheer volume of leather, metal, and dungeon equipment he owns, he is no stranger to spending it.

23. Lisbeth Salander, Net Worth $2.4 Billion

With the genius brain and a closet of filled with goth gear, Lisbeth is one of the few ladies on this list. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is considered the world class hacker who’s been dealt a bad hand in life succeeds to steal billions using crime to eradicate crime.

Her cyber-activism has also assisted catch criminals and precise revenge.

24. Gomez Addams, Net Worth $2 Billion

Owns businesses all over the world such as a uranium mine, a crocodile farm, a tombstone factory and the salt mine. He likes reminding his family that, “No Addams has worked in 200 years!”

This, in the long run, means he is very loaded that he never needs to bother himself with working or that he is lazy and is losing some money. Either way, that expensive cigar habit may catch up to him.

25. Willy Wonka, Net Worth $1.9 Billion

Wonka was what every little child needed to be when they grew up (without the shut-in part). A billionaire through developing delicious and innovative candies as well as the futuristic technologies such as a flying elevator and matter transporter. He also keeps overheads down by possessing slave labor.

26. Tywin Lannister, Net Worth $1.8 Billion

“A Lannister constantly pays their debts.” Why? Since they essentially have an unlimited bank account. Tywin even loaned a crown 3,000,000 Gold Dragons, so King’s Landing could remain afloat.

The Game of Thrones family also possess several gold mines that main their primary source of wealth. Caution: Money will not buy you much when you are dead, though.

27. Lucius Malfoy, Net Worth $1.6 Billion

One of the highly despised characters from the Harry Potter, Malfoy is also one of the richest in the wizard world. Despite presently being held in prison, he comes from old cash. Much like Donald Trump, his cash comes from investment and inheritance.

28. Charles Montgomery Burns, Net Worth $1.5 Billion

The apparently immortal boss of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Ignoring accepted societal norms, he uses his wealth to satisfy every whim: from creating a room of 1000 typing monkeys to blocking out the sun.

Monty’s wealth does appear to vary from episode to episode, though it’s definitely over a billion.


29. Walden Schmidt, Net Worth $1.3 Billion

Walden, played by the Ashton Kutcher, was introduced after Charlie Sheen left the show ‘Two and a Half men’ at the start of season 9.

The frequently suicidal divorcee has earned his billion through the quick sale of his internet startup.

30. Lara Croft, Net Worth $1.3 Billion

Lara Croft, an English born adventurer and archaeologist made her first appearance in 1996, in the original Tomb Raider video game. Since then she has been voiced by 6 different actors and portrayed in film by 2 different actresses, including Angelina Jolie.

Her father was Lord Henshingly Croft, who was incredibly wealthy, and she lives in tennis loving Wimbledon, London. Spends most of her leisure time traveling the world including Cambodia, Central America, and the Himalayas.

31. Mr. Monopoly, Net Worth $1.2 Billion

Real Estate. mogul, Mr. Monopoly, or Rich Uncle Pennybags, has been in the game of Monopoly since its inception in 1936. He also appears in the less successful games like Monopoly City, Doesn’t Go to Jail, Monopoly Junior, and the Monopoly Deal.

32. Mary Crawley, Net Worth $1.1 Billion

Born a year after Jay Gatsby in late nineteenth century England, Mary suffered from the archaic inheritance laws of the time. Both her title and the 2 sizeable estates that she had inherited from her parents have to pass to a male heir. This would not be acceptable nowadays.

Mary’s plan to receive the fortune was reversed by the death of her would-be husband, but she currently works with her brother-in-law to keep and modernize the Downton Estate.

33. Chuck Bass, Net Worth $1.1 Billion

Chuck Bass is manipulative, brooding and smug heir to the deceased New York real estate mogul Bart Bass. He likes all the great things in life, including women, under aged drinking, and gossip.

Once the villain on the Gossip Girl, he soon became a star of the show with his unstable love affair with the fellow Upper East Sider Blaire Waldorf.

34. Jeffrey Lebowski, Net Worth $1 Billion

The Big Lebowski behaves like every bro’s best movie. The man himself is a wheelchair-bound Korean War vet and the trustee of the Lebowski Foundation that sends inner-city kids to college. Like several billionaires, he is fond of trophy wives.

35. Jo Bennett, Net Worth $1 Billion

The CEO of Sabre Corporation, Bennett, turned a minor Tallahassee computer parts manufacturer into the main supplier of fax machines, printers, and scanners. She also acquired paper firm Dunder Mifflin and eventually became queen of The Office.

36. Lucille Bluth, Net Worth $1 Billion

Lucille is wealthy, Shady, and 2 faced. Mrs. Bluth is the queen of the Arrested Development family. Though her husband is held in prison, Lucille fakes ignorance while being the invisible hand which moves the ill-gotten achievements around the world. She knows better than to keep money in a frozen banana stand.

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