Sauce Walka Net Worth


Born in Houston, Texas on June 29th 1990, Albert Walker Mondane, who is known as Sauce Walka, is an American rapper and songwriter. He has released dozens of mixtapes. With all his success, what is the net worth of Sauce Walka?

Sauce Walka Net Worth

Sauce Walka has an estimated net worth of $36 million, earned primarily through his music career.
In 2014, along side fellow rapper Sancho Saucy, he founded the highly successful independent record label ‘The Sauce Factory‘, often abbreviated as TSF.
TSF has signed dozens of artists, such as Peso Peso, Striker The Lyrical Beast and Drippy.

Sauce Walka beganr in 2007 under the name ‘A-Walk’, and performed as part of the group called Mostheard.

In 2009 he pleaded guilty to ‘deadly conduct’ after the shooting and wounding of a person at a concert at Texas Southern University. He served community supervision.

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In 2021 he released the mixtape “God Of Texas

Sauce Walka has more than 1.3 million Instagram followers

In 2021 Sauce Walka bought a tear shaped $250,000 GIA certified 3.00 carat diamond, which he had surgically implanted in his face.

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