How to Get a Pet Owl in Australia


Understanding the regulations and considerations associated with owning pets can be a complex and crucial aspect of responsible animal care. In the following two questions, we will explore different aspects of pet ownership. The first question delves into the legal requirements and ethical considerations when it comes to owning a pet owl in Australia. The … Read more

Why Does My Dog Pee When He Humps?

dog pee

Dogs are fascinating animals with unique behaviors and habits. One of these behaviors is humping, which is a common and natural behavior for many dogs. However, some dog owners may notice that their dog pees when they hump. This can be concerning for many dog owners, and they may wonder why their dog is doing … Read more

Can You Buy Chinchillas In Australia?


Chinchillas are adorable little creatures that have become popular pets in recent years due to their playful and curious nature. Originating from South America, these small rodents have distinctive soft and dense fur that is prized in the fashion industry. As a result, they have been heavily hunted in the wild, and many species have … Read more

Amazing Dog Accessories

dog cummincation buttons

There are billions of dog owners around the world and there are just as many accessories you can buy for them. From the simple (and necessary) dog collar to doggy fur coats and expensive dog houses to live in, some people treat their pets better than their friends. It doesn’t matter if you have a … Read more

World’s Richest Cats


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Guinea Pig Armor US$24,300

most expensive guinea-pig-armor

This ‘Guinea Pig Armor’ sold on ebay for an amazing US$24,300. 100 percent of those profits went to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, a non-profit organization in Virginia USA, dedicated to unwanted guinea pigs. “Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable? Do they get picked on by other guinea … Read more

Most Expensive Fish ever Sold

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