What are the Most Expensive Gucci items?

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Gucci is an Italian luxury brand of leather goods and other fashion accessories such as shoes, handbags and belts. Founded in 1921 Gucci has a global turnover of over US$4.6 Billion. Gucci isn’t often cheap, but these are the Most Expensive Gucci Items. Most Expensive Gucci items Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt- US$250,000 Coming in at … Read more

The Most Expensive Handbags


Every woman has a handbag or 2. One for everyday, and one for those special nights out. They are usually bought for functionality and style, but some are bought for pure extravagance, and Fashion. Probably not used for grocery shopping, these super stylish creations are the most expensive handbags. The Most Expensive Handbags Mouawad 1001 … Read more

The Most Expensive Shoes


From flip-flops and sandals to moon boots and steel caps, we all wear shoes to suit our style and needs. These shoes however, serve a different purpose. These are the most expensive shoes. The Most Expensive Shoes The Passion Diamond Shoes – US$17 Million Debbie Wingham High Heels – US$15 Million Debbie Wingham also created … Read more

The Most Expensive Watches


While it’s always good to be on time, most people these days carry multiple devices with accurate time. However, a good quality watch still remains a fashion piece, can give some excellent bragging rights, and may be an excellent investment (like the world’s most expensive phone, and the most expensive Gucci items). Top brands will … Read more