Can Goldfish Eat Garlic?


Goldfish are popular and beloved pets known for their vibrant colors and graceful swimming. As responsible fish owners, it’s important to provide them with a balanced and nutritious diet. While goldfish typically thrive on a diet of commercial fish food and occasional treats, some fish owners wonder if goldfish can eat garlic. Let’s explore this … Read more

Most Expensive Koi

most expensive koi

Revered for centuries in Japan and China, these fish can be worth more than most people. They are generally kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or aquariums and their colors can range from white, black, red, orange, yellow, blue, and cream. Koi have been known to live for 25 to 30 years. They … Read more

Most Expensive Fish ever Sold

The world of rare and exotic fish has captivated enthusiasts and collectors for years, with some specimens commanding extraordinary prices. From vibrant tropical species to elusive deep-sea creatures, the market for expensive fish is a fascinating realm where rarity and beauty reign supreme. In this article, we will explore the ten most expensive fish ever … Read more