Fence types

Most Expensive Fence

May 1, 2022 Claire. F 0

A fence is any structure that encloses any area. Fences are usually outdoors, enclosing for example, your backyard or the boundary to a property. Construction […]


Most Expensive Salt

April 30, 2022 Claire. F 0

Salt is a mineral primarily consisting of sodium chloride (NaCl). While salt can be found on land, it is mainly found in the ocean. Salt […]

earl scrubbs

Most Expensive Banjo

November 20, 2021 Claire. F 0

The banjo is a unique and beloved instrument that has a long and storied history in American music. While there are many affordable options available […]


Most Expensive Flag

March 18, 2021 Claire. F 0

A flag is defined as a piece of fabric (frequently rectangular or square) that has distinctive designs and colors. Flags can be used for many […]