The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards


First published in Japan in 1996, and in the USA in 2003, the Pokemon strategic card game is loved the world over, selling over 27 billion cards worldwide. Even Pokemon GO accounts have been sold for thousands! These are the Most Expensive Pokemon Cards. The Most Expensive Pokemon Cards 1999 Pokemon Base 1st Edition #4 … Read more

The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

most expensive

Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for millennia. You might take care of your dog yourself, or work at a pet resort or puppy daycare center that uses Dog Boarding software. You can even buy $1,000 snacks for your little Doggo. While we highly recommend saving a life by picking up your new best friend … Read more

The Most Expensive Watches


While it’s always good to be on time, most people these days carry multiple devices with accurate time. However, a good quality watch still remains a fashion piece, can give some excellent bragging rights, and may be an excellent investment (like the world’s most expensive phone, and the most expensive Gucci items). Top brands will … Read more

The Most Expensive Thing in 2021

most expensive thing 2021 ISS

What will be the most expensive thing in 2021? Great question! While we can fully expect everything in our lives to get more and more expensive, some things should remain the most expensive. International Space Station (ISS) – Currently costing US$150 Billion, this will continue to be the world’s most expensive thing. Rad more about … Read more

The Most Expensive Electricity

most expensive electricity denmark wind turbines

Who pays the most for electricity in the world? Well, even though we all feel like we are paying too much, some residents of some countries pay astronomically compared to others. The main problem is sourcing it, and so isolated island nations end up paying much much more than even the wealthiest western nations. In … Read more