Most Expensive Sex Toys


For thousands of years, (28,000 years, according to The Daily Mail), people have looked for special tools and toys in order to have more fun in bed, but some are a little more luxurious than others. Although you can find some pretty affordable options online for both men and women, these are the Top 10 … Read more

Gold Lego Brick

most expensive

The Worlds Most Expensive Lego Brick This regular sized 2×4 LEGO Brick was only given to special business partners from 1979-1981, as well as a few LEGO employees who had celebrated 25 years working for the company received one of these rare bricks. Now they are only available at auction. It is 14 carat gold … Read more

10 Most Expensive Toys In The World


We all grow up with toys of some kind, but you will have to be a millionaire child to buy one of these. Whether you had toy cars, barbies or video game consoles, they were all an important part of our childhood. Some toys are cheap, and some are made at home, but some are … Read more