The Most Expensive Dog Houses In The World

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Do you pamper and spoil your dog? Do you feed them $1,000 snacks? At night, do they sleep at the foot of your bed, or on a blanket on the floor, or do they live in one of the Most Expensive Dog Houses in the World?


Victorian Style. That’s what the sign says at the entrance of this spectacular Victorian house. It’s worth mentioning that is one of the most luxurious dog houses in the world.

Hamptons Style. The Hamptons is recognized as an exclusive area of New York, this place is the favorite spot for vacationing for both the richest and most famous.

Brick Estate. This house is really spectacular! You can see that the details in its design and structure emulate perfectly a conventional brick house.

Andy Ramus´ Dog House. This creation is the ultimate representation of doggy luxury and extravagance, but also of the unconditional love that someone could have for his or her dog.

Jwoww’s dog house. Are you a consumer of MTV content? So, it’s a fact that you remember this celebrity, or maybe not … She is Jennifer Farley, better known as JWoww, one of the participants of the famous reality show Jersey Shore that was broadcast for first time in 2009.

Brooklyn Brownstone Style. Does your dog pay attention to details? Maybe this house is what you’re looking for! The level of detail and the material that were used to make it are truly amazing. G

lam Limestone. This dog house is one of the most extravagant and glamorous of this top! Every detail of the Glamorous Limestone will surprise you.

Pawj Mahal. This luxurious palace is worthy of a prince or canine princess! According to my very distinguished knowledge of history, the impressive Taj Mahal in India was built by the Muslim emperor Shah Jahan as a sign of his endless love to his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Mediterranean Doghouse. A German shepherd and a farmer are the owners of this house that was ordered by the New Zealand supermodel Rachael Hunter.

Hilton dog Mansion. If you have a beautiful Spanish-style house. So, why don’t you give the same comfort to your conceited dogs? That’s exactly what Paris Hilton thought, at the moment to order the construction of a two-story mansion with 28 square meter

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