The Most Expensive Electric Bikes


E-bikes have grown in popularity and there are more and more in the market. And to see what are the most expensive that I recommend you watch this video.

AUDI E-BIKE Do you like elegance combined with a good dose of adrenaline? Well, it’s time to meet one of the best.

The AUDI E-BIKE leads the lists of the fastest because it can reach up to 49 miles per hour.

HUMMINGBIRD ELECTRIC This is the lightest electric folding bike in the world! The Hummingbird Electric weighs only 22.7 pounds, just as a 1-year-old child would weigh, super convenient! It belongs to the category of urban bikes, but it´ll allow you to travel for long distances and more speed with less effort.

INTRIGUE E+ 1 PRO It´s the turn of female power! The INTRIGUE E + 1 PRO was made by women and for women. The Liv brand, a sub-brand of the prestigious Giant Manufacturing Company in Taiwan, designs thinking exclusively in the female market, and It has made that the INTRIGUE E + 1 PRO light your senses for an exciting ride since it´s a bit larger than the average bikes.

OPTIBIKE R15C This spectacular E-bike promises to satisfy the demands of the amateurs of motocross. The R15C is made of carbon fiber and belongs to the limited-edition Elite series of the American brand Optibike.

TREFECTA DRT The most advanced, the most sophisticated, the most elegant … the latest of the latest. This beauty belongs to the royal family of E-bikes since it focuses on innovation technology and intelligent engineering.

E-CRUSHER CARBON R+ With this bike you´ll go out to demolish any terrain; living true journeys. The E-Crusher Carbon R+ has the best in electric mountain bike technology of the Spanish brand Mondraker with a Shimano Steps E-8000 motor and with the integrated battery.

BMC TRAILFOX AMP LTD If challenging mountain roads is your thing, this E-bike will give you an epic All Mountain experience. The Trailfox AMP LTD is part of the 2.0 generation of E-bikes of the Swiss brand BMC and assures you a great adventure cycling long distances.

THE DRIFTER Do you prefer the old times? Where everything was supposed to be better… Well, this vintage bike rescues the best of a classic model, but of course, it takes that to another level.

GREYP G12S CUSTOM I have seen the GREYP G12S standing out among the fastest in the world. This E-bike was made by Greyp Bikes, an affiliate of the Croatian company Rimac Automobili recognized for its high-end cars and E-Bikes.

M1 SPORTTECHNIK SPITZING WORLDCUP Do you want to ride a super E-bike? Here you have the M1 Sporttechnik Spitzing Worldcup, a high-performance champion in today’s world market for its technology and impressive design.

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