Top 10 The Most Expensive Motorcycles Of Celebrities

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Top 10 The Most Expensive Motorcycles Of Celebrities

Who hasn’t wanted to ride across the desert, like in Easy Rider, perform Akira-style maneuvers or set the road on fire like Ghost Rider? These celebrities enjoy being free spirits with these awesome motorcycles. Let’s check them out!

Ryan Reynolds. To start up the list, this is someone who doesn’t need to worry about accelerating to full speed and having accidents because, you know, he’s indestructible. Actor Ryan Reynolds is an enthusiast about motorcycles since he was 15, that’s when he rode an old Honda CB750.

Charlie Hunnam. He’s probably the closest reference of a biker in this list, this is Charlie Hunnam. The English actor became famous by playing the leader and vice-president of the Outlaw Motorcycle Group (SAMCRO) in the series “Sons of Anarchy”.

Norman Reedus. If you believed that Norman Reedus rode his motorcycle just to run away from zombies, you get a wrong idea. Famous Daryl is passionate about motorcycles, especially models like the Triumph Tiger 800 XCA.

Steve MacQueen. King of awesomeness! Steve McQueen was a male icon in the 60s so he had a favorite motorcycle, of course. That was the 1961Triumph TR6 Trophy. This motorcycle became an icon by appearing in the movie “The Great Escape”.

John Travolta. If this man has a plane parked at his garage, a couple of motorcycles must be in there too. John Travolta, everybody’s favorite gangster, when he isn’t busy fixing some issues or dancing on a Saturday night, he enjoys traveling in his motorcycles.

Keanu Reeves. Without any doubt, someone who got out of the Matrix, wore black suits and sunglasses, has a motorcycle. But how Keanu Reeves is who we are talking about, he has his own company, “Arch motorcycles.”

Tom Cruise. Nothing says iconic, more than Maverick riding his motorcycle with a Californian sunset in the background. But surprisingly that’s not the favorite toy of everybody’s loved spy.

David Beckham. Known as one of the biggest English football stars, David Beckham left a mark on the field. But off the field, the ex-scorer of Manchester United is a great lover of two-wheeled vehicles.

Brad Pitt. has always been an awesome rider, check this out. That’s the style Pitt goes with on L.A streets every time he rides his Ecosse Titanium Series XX, which cost him 300 thousand dollars.

Marlon Brando. No question about it, Marlon Brando was the first “bad boy” figure riding a motorcycle. Thanks to the movie The Wild One, Brando became an icon and made the Harley Davidson’s and model FLH Electra Glide’s popularity gets bigger.

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