Top 15 Richest Rappers In The World

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From it’s beginnings on the streets of the USA, hiphop and rapping exploded across the musical world. But who is the richest Rapper in the world? That’s one question you’ve always asked so here are the top 15 richest rappers in the world. Maybe we’ll see Post Malone on the list in a few years?

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Top 15 Richest Rappers In The World

Akon – $80 million

Pharrell Williams – $105 million

Snoop Dogg – $135 million

Lil Wayne – $135 million

Ice Cube – $140 million

Kanye West – $145 million

Notorious B.I.G. – $160 million

Birdman – $170 million

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Ronald “Slim” Williams – $170 million

Usher – $180 million

Eminem – $230 million

50 Cent – $270 million

Master P – $250 million

Jay – Z – $650 million

P. Diddy – $730 million

Dr. Dre – $810 million

If you had that much money, would you buy a Supercar, SuperYacht, or Private Island?

In this video, you’ll find the answer to the following questions:

Who is the richest rapper in the world? How rich is Jay Z? How Rich is P Diddy? How Rich is Dr. Dre? How Rich is 50 cent? How Rich is Lil’ Wayne? How Rich is Birdman? How Rich is Drake? How Rich is Usher?

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