Zenvo ST1

Zenvo ST1 is a Danish super car company seeking to bring the best in speed and style. Zenvo is a combination of the names of Jesper Jensen and Troels Vollertson who manage Zenvo Automotive on the Danish island of Zealand.

Zenvo Automotive was founded in 2004 and the prototype for the Zenvo ST1 was completed in December of 2008. Production of the 15 cars began in 2009. That’s right. Only fifteen. Jensen and Vollertsen believe that, unlike the fifty or so Bugattis that are produced annually, limiting the Zenvo ST1 to a run of fifteen reminds owners that their car is unique.

It’s not easy to create an original, luxury sports car. But that’s what Jensen and Vollertsen set out to do, and the succeeded. Designed and built completely in Demark, the ZenvoST1 has an impressive list of mechanical specifications and its appearance is the pure result of Danish design. Blend this together and you get a luxury car that’s both practical and purposeful.

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The Zenvo ST1 has a 7-liter V8 engine that produces 1250 horsepower which propels the car from 0 to 62 mph in less than three seconds. While the car could potentially go faster, it’s electronically limited to max out at 233 mph. But more than just speed the Zenvo ST1 has an ultra-light body and includes such features as hydraulic height-control, carbon wheels, handmade finished leather interior, triple-mode driving settings and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror.


The Zenvo ST1 has a unique style. The front of the Zenvo ST1 is designed around the hexagonal trademark Zenvo grille. The boomerang-shaped vents on the grille, hoods and sides help create a very geometric appearance. The front grille design is repeated in the rear.

Inside you’ll find the latest in interiors. The AC has a dual-zone climate control. The electric seats are trimmed in leather and alcantara. Built into the dash is an MP-3 compatible stereo with built in satellite navigation, a heads-up display and power windows. The Zenvo ST1 includes remote fuel filler, a rear defogger and adjustable driver’s seat. Keyless entry is included along with a power scoping steering wheel. Granted many of these you’d expect in your standard drive-off-the-lot vehicle. But when wrapped in a frame like the Zenvo ST1 even the normal takes on a special feeling.

It’s really not likely that you can expect to see the Zenvo ST1 in the student drop-off lane at the middle school. In fact, with only 15 produced, seeing it in person anywhere isn’t all that likely. So, it’s not the most popular or the best known super car. But that’s not because the folks at Zenvo aren’t working like crazy to change that perception.


The cost of the Zenvo ST1 is about $1,800,000. If you want the extras like ceramic brakes, paddle-shifting transmission, carbon wheels, a roll-cage, a car cover and customized leather interior, you’re going to have to pay more. But come on, if you’re already approaching a cost of nearly two million are you really going to try to cut corners?

If you are, then you should consider that replacement tires alone for this beauty will set you back about $5,000. Or the specialized luggage for the front-situated trunk is about $30,000.

And don’t forget to add into that the cost of your second, perhaps not as sporty car, that you’ll need when you have to ship the Zenvo ST1 back to Denmark for any major repairs, and that’s not included in your warranty.

Still, if you have the big bucks and you want the expensive toys, the Zenvo ST1 might be the car for you.

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