Mesothelioma Treatment

Mesothelioma is a cancer that usually develops on the thin layer of tissue covering many of the internal organs. It most commonly affects the lining of the lungs and chest wall. At least 80% of mesothelioma cases are known to be caused by exposure to asbestos. Treatment can usually includes surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. If you think you may be suffering from Mesothelioma, at any of it’s stages, see your doctor immediately. has more detailed information about symptoms.

The malignant Mesothelioma tumor is caused by inhaling the asbestos fibers. Symptoms can include chest pain and frequently shortness of breath. The life expectancy for for a patient is unfortunately only around 12 months after diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Treatment costs are known to be extremely high, causing great financial difficulty for patients without private health insurance, or who do not live in a country with a good Public Healthcare system (Australia, Sweden etc).

Costs may include Diagnostic imaging, Thoracoscopy ($10,000-$15,000), Thoracotomy ($20,000-$30,000), Surgery ($20,000-$30,000), Radiation Therapy ($7,000-$12,000), and Chemotherapy ($37,000-$50,000).

In 2016, the American Cancer Society noted the average total cost was $150,000.

As a result, it is extremely common for patients to initiate legal proceedings, generally against their former place of work where they were exposed to the Asbestos. Many military personnel are believed to have been exposed to Asbestos and may be at higher risk to mesothelioma.

There are many sites online, especially targeted towards US patients to help them find a lawyer, such as and

The average mesothelioma legal settlement is $1 million to$1.4 million. The average mesothelioma trial verdict award is $2.4 million. The largest mesothelioma verdict amount recorded was for $250 million in a verdict against US Steel.

Other financial help may be available from government programs and charity resources.

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