How to Spend $1 Billion

Here are our top ideas on how to spend your Billion Dollars.


Fly your family and friends in a private jet to the Maldives
Pay off your house, and your neighbor’s house.
Do something good for the environment, like install solar panels on every house on your street.
Build a water park in your backyard.
Install a Movie Theater in your house.
Hire a butler.
Go to Fiji for lunch.
Go shopping in Dubai.
Buy an apartment in New York.
Rent a yacht and cruise the Greek islands for a month.
Visit every UNESCO world heritage site.
Go to Sydney, Australia for New Years Eve.
Buy the worlds most expensive movie poster for $1 million.
Buy a vineyard in France.
Give $50 million to charity.
Buy a block of the Amazon, and protect it.
Fix the eyesight of 1 million people in Africa.
Buy a kilo of Gold.
Buy a submarine.
Book Kayne at your birthday party.