Sean Edward Hartman Bio and Net Worth


Born in Vancouver, British Columbia on June 17th 1989, Sean Edward Hartman is a Canadian actor, voice artist, graphic designer, writer, and artist. He is also the son of the late Brynn Hartman and Phil Hartman. What is the net worth of Sean Edward Hartman?

Sean Edward Hartman Net Worth

Sean has an estimated net worth of $1 million, primarily earned through both his successful work in the entertainment industry but also through his inheritance. Sean’s parents tragically died in a murder-suicide, perpetrated by his mother when he was just 9 years old. At the time of his parents death, the total value of Hartman’s estate was estimated at $1.23 million. As stipulated in their will, Sean and his sister Birgen Anika Hartman received 25% of their inheritance when they turned 25 and after attaining their Bachelor’s degree. The remainder was given to them when they turned 30. Birgen Anika Hartman was born in February 1992 and has a net worth of around $1.4 million.

Raised by his aunt, Sean lives a private life in California and is not active on social media.

Phil as best known as a comedian on ‘Saturday Night Live‘ and for voicing many of the characters on ‘The Simpsons’, such as Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure.
You can read more about Phil Hartman in the best selling book “You Might Remember Me“, written by Mike Thomas.

Sean and Phil are no relation to David Hartman, the American journalist, media host, and actor who is best known as being the host of the TV series Good Morning America from 1975 to 1987. David Hartman has a net worth of $4 million.

Sean has a large extended family, with his aunts being Martha Hartmann, Katherine Omdahl, Mary Hartmann, Nancy Hartman-McCoy, Jane Hartmann, and Sara Hartmann. His uncles’ being Paul Andrew Hartmann and John Hartmann. His grandparents were Doris Hartmann and Rupert Hartmann.

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