Deborah Divine Bio and Net Worth

Born 6th August 1959, Deborah Divine is a Hollywood writer who is best known for being the wife of Eugene Levy, a Canadian actor, director, producer and screenwriter. Together, they are the parents of actors Dan Levy and Sarah Levy. What is the Net Worth of Deborah Divine?

Dan, Eugene, Sarah and Deborah

Deborah Divine Net Worth

Deborah and Eugene has been married since 1977 and together have an estimated net worth of $20 million. An active person in the entertainment industry, she is a screenwriter, production manager and producer, who is probably best known for the show ‘Maniac Mansion‘ which was created by Eugene.

Eugene is instantly recognizable to most from his role in the ‘American Pie‘ films, though in 2015 he created the award winning show ‘Schitt’s Creek‘.
He developed and stars in ‘Schitt’s Creek’ along with their two children Dan Levy and Sarah Levy.

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