Lamborghini Reventon

Debuting at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Lamborghini Reventon was the most powerful and most expensive Lamborghini ever built.  Limited to a production of just 20, this amazing car takes just 3.3 seconds to go from 0 to 60.

Designed and created at the birthplace of Lamborghini cars in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, the Lamborghini Reventon was developed by the company’s car experts and experts from Centro Stile.  Together they created a super class automobile with no equals.  Of the twenty original cars, eleven ended up in the United States, one in the garage of Jay Leno.

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Following Lamborghini tradition, the Reventon is named for a fighting bull which was raised by the Don Heriberto Rodriguez family.  The bull was renowned for killing Felix Guzman, a famed Mexican bullfighter in 1943.  When used as a noun in Spanish Reventon means “small explosion” or “burst.”  It also can mean a very large party or a night on the town.  But in automobile terms it means “blowout” as in flat tire.  But in naming the bull it was used as an adjective, describing a quality of the bull, meaning “he who seems about to burst.”

The design of the car’s front is an acute angled arrow built to improve the air intake and cool down the twelve cylinder calipers and carbon disk brakes.  One of the other great things is that this design improves the aerodynamics and interior cooling system.  The front of the car is outfitted with state of the art light-emitting diodes and Bi-Xenon headlines.  Likewise, the rear has seven LED lights and ten diodes making up the hazard and signal lights.


Inside, leather, aluminum, carbon and Alcantra are carefully selected to ensure top quality befitting of this car.

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While the exterior is new, internally most of the elements are sourced directly from the Murciélago LP640.  Lamborghini says that the styling of the exterior was inspired by some of the fastest airplanes.  To prove the point, Lamborghini staged a race between a Reventon and a Panavia Tornado fighter plane.  The Reventon led down most of the 1.9 mile long runway, but the Tornado pulled ahead in the last few feet of the race.

A Lamborghini trademark is the manufacture of extreme super cars without compromise.  Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, S.P.A. says “the Reventon is the most extreme of them all, a true automotive superlative. Our designers at the Lamborghini Style Center took the technical base of the Murcielago LP640 and compressed and intensified its DNA, its genetic code.”

The doors on the Reventon open upwards and there are large spoilers below the doors.  On the driver’s side the spoiler helps increase the flow of oil to the radiator.  On the other side the spoiler is flat because its purpose is to ensure air flow under the floor.


Inside the speedometer resembles a road with the current speed in digital format.  But with the push of a button the driver can switch to a quasi-analogical classic display.

Lamborghini has from the beginning been at the forefront of creating trends in the world of sports cars.  The company has consistently produced automobiles with a clear, unmistakable character and quality.  Every new Lamborghini carries with it the potential to become legendary.  And, as the production of these outstanding cars is often limited they are also destined to become highly sought-after automobiles.

The Lamborghini Reventon is no exception to this fine tradition.  Like a long line before it, the Reventon stands a super car with few, if any equals.  By combining a near perfect design with a limited edition Lamborghini has created another recipe for success.  And into the pages of Lamborghini history the legend continues with the entry of another classic.

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