The Most Expensive Insurance Claims

What are the world’s most expensive insurance claims?

Most people have some kind of insurance, whether its car insurance, house insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance or life insurance, but these are the most expensive insurance claims ever made!

Largest Single event – 2008 World Financial Crisis – US$21.5trillion

Wall St plummeted in 2008 with other world markets following

After the near collapse of the world banking system, numerous companies around the world went into deep financial trouble and made innumerable insurance claims to cover their loses. This was unfortunately passed on, as several insurance companies went bankrupt as a result, passing the problem down stream. More than 10 years on, even though most stock markets have recovered, the impact was extreme.

Largest Personal Claim – Rowan Atkinson – US$1,497,560

Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1

Beloved English actor/writer/comedian Rowan Atkinson, known for creating Mr Bean and Blackadder crashed his McLaren F1 sports car back in 2011. The damage was so extensive the vehicle took almost a year to repair. This was his second crash involving the same car, though he has crashed many of his other vehicles.

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Largest Pet Insurance Claim – US$23,000

Paying Pet Insurance can be a bit of a stretch

A UK cat is recorded to have cost an insurance company over US$23,000 to cover it’s kidney/renal surgery. I hope kitty is feeling better!

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