Joseph Deen

Joseph Deen Net Worth

March 7, 2021 Claire. F 0

Born in the USA in 2013 Joseph Deen became the youngest-ever paid Fortnite player, after signing with highly respected Team 33 (the invitation-only esports team). […]


Technoblade Net Worth

February 14, 2021 Claire. F 0

Born June 1st 1999, Technoblade, whose real name is “Dave”, but is also known as Techno or Technothepig, is an American YouTuber and Twitch Streamer […]

most expensive

Gold Lego Brick

July 29, 2020 Claire. F 0

The Worlds Most Expensive Lego Brick This regular sized 2×4 LEGO Brick was only given to special business partners from 1979-1981, as well as a […]