Gold Lego Brick

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The Worlds Most Expensive Lego Brick

This regular sized 2×4 LEGO Brick was only given to special business partners from 1979-1981, as well as a few LEGO employees who had celebrated 25 years working for the company received one of these rare bricks.

Now they are only available at auction. It is 14 carat gold and weighs 25.6 grams

In 2017 it was sold at auction in the UK for £12,000 or approx US$15,500.
While that’s a lot of money, it doesn’t make our “Most Expensive Toys” list.

It should be noted that even on Amazon, you can buy expensive Lego, such as the “LEGO Vintage Airport Shuttle Monorail“, which is over $3,000.

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