The Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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Dogs have been “man’s best friend” for millennia. You might take care of your dog yourself, or work at a pet resort or puppy daycare center that uses Dog Boarding software. You can even buy $1,000 snacks for your little Doggo.

While we highly recommend saving a life by picking up your new best friend at a dog shelter, pure bred dogs usually come from a qualified breeder and some are unbelievably expensive.

These are the most expensive dog breeds in the world. (Check out the cats here)

Most Expensive Dog Breeds


The Löwchen is a German breed that literally translates as Little Lion. Can fetch US$12000, as well as a small ball. Such a little dog, to be the most expensive dog breed.


Named after the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia, Russia, much like the Husky they were used to pull sleds, US$11000.

English Bulldog


Not suprisingly from England, this breed is known as sweet, loyal and great around children, though they are also known to have breathing difficulties. US$9000


Originally from Northern China, where it is known as the Puffy Lion Dog. US$8500.


The German Butcher’s Dog, originally work dogs are now used for security detail, and as guide dogs for the blind. US$8000.

Tibetan Mastiff

One of the worlds biggest dogs, originally from the mountains of China, Nepal and you guessed it, Tibet. US$7000.

Pharoah Hound

Originally from Malta, known as the Rabbit Dog, it is a hunting dog, known for intelligence and athleticism. US$6000.

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