Most Expensive Pigeon

most expensive pigeon

The humble Pigeon, is one of the most common birds in the world, especially in cities. Some people think they are pests, or ‘the rats of the sky’, while others cherish them for potential racing. What is the most expensive pigeon in the world?

Most Expensive Pigeon

On November 16th 2020 a champion racing pigeon sold by a Belgian trainer has broken the world record at auction. Selling for 1.6 million euros or almost $1.9 million making it the world’s most expensive pigeon.

The Belgian-bred 2 year old bird is named ‘New Kim’, and was bought at the PIPA auction website, set up by retired pigeon trainer Gaston Van De Wouwer.

The buyer was a Chinese person, simply known as ‘Super Duper’, who broke his own previous record of $1.4 million, set on March 2019.

Amazingly, the auction featured 445 birds which sold for a total of 6 million euros ($7.1 million).

You can read more about pigeon racing in the Lolly Brown book ‘Pigeon Racing: Handling, health, keeping, housing, breeding, racing, and training. Facts & Information

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