Most Expensive Toothbrush

most expensive Toothbrush

Since 3500BC humans have been cleaning their teeth. Originally with a ‘chew stick’ which was a collection of twigs with frayed ends used to brush the teeth. By 600AD, the Chinese had developed a bristle toothbrush using pig hairs. We have come a long way since then, and billions of disposable plastic brushes are used every year. They are cheap, but what is the most expensive toothbrush?

Reinast Titanium Toothbrush – $5,000

In 2014, Germany company Reinast changed the way we think about toothbrushes by bringing out their Titanium Toothbrush.

The company says that its unique design, unquestioning durability, and specially trademarked anti-bacterial coating gives it it’s value.

It is not electric, and it’s not covered in diamonds! Luckily at comes with a free three-year service plan and new bristle heads that need to be replaced every six months.

Chew stick

American Hip-hop star and rapper2 Chainz’ famously tested out the product in the video, below:

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