Glenn Frey Net Worth

Net Worth Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey Net Worth 

The net worth of Glenn Frey at the time of his death was $120million. Having moved to Los Angeles in 1970, he quickly met Don Henley. The two went on tour together with Linda Ronstadt’s backup band. The very next year, The Eagles were born.

The Rise Of Glen Frey

One year after the birth of The Eagles, the band released its first album. Many of the biggest Eagles hits were co-written by Glenn Frey. He and Don Henley took turns as lead vocals for the group. After The Eagles stopped performing together in 1980 Glenn Frey went on to have a successful solo career.His first solo album was released in 1982. Throughout the 1980s Glenn recorded many hit songs. He continued to make music and, along with the other members of The Eagles, celebrated the group’s 1998 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Between his solo career and his career with The Eagles, Frey had 24 singles that made the top 40 on the Billboard 100. In the meantime, The Eagles released another album together in 1994, which they embarked on a world tour to promote.

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In 2007, The Eagles released another album together, which they also went on tour for. After the tour wrapped, Showtime aired a documentary called the History of The Eagles in 2013. The documentary sparked an Eagles tour that lasted from 2013 to 2015. When the tour ended in July of 2015 it marked the last time that Glenn Frey performed with the band before his death.

Other Accomplishments 

In addition to being a talented singer and song writer, Glenn Frey also tried acting. He appeared on an episode of Miami Vice. The episode and title was inspired by a song that Glenn Frey had written.

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