Most Expensive Computer Mouse

most expensive

The computer mouse is a crucial part of any computer or laptop, whether you use it for business, leisure, or gaming. You can buy a basic mouse at any computer store, for just a few dollars, but then there are ergonomic mouses and even gold coated ones.Mouses have become fashion items, like watches or men’s suits. These are the Most Expensive Computer Mouse (Mice)

Most expensive Computer Mouse

​The Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse is $36,835

MJ- Luxury VIP Mouse is $34,480

Black Diamond Logitech mouse is $31,840

MJ Blue Sapphire Mouse is $27,940

USB mouse covered with white gold is $26,730

Logitech Air 3D Laser Mouse in Gold Case is $24,180

Gold Metal Sun Mouse from MJ777 edition is $19,720.

Gigabyte bling-bling GM-M7800S wireless mouse is $18,510

Python Leather Mouse by MJ is $17,840

Crocodile skin Gold Mouse Ferrari Crocodile is $17,200

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