YNW Melly Net Worth

YNW Melly

Born in Gifford Florida on May 1st 1999, YNW (Young Nigga World) Melly, whose real name is Jamell Maurice Demons, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Releasing his first single in 2017, which went top 20 in the US, he was arrested in 2019 for murder. How much is YNW Melly worth?

YNW Melly Net Worth

YNW Melly has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, earned mainly through his music. He began recording music in 8th grade and uploaded his songs to Soundcloud and Facebook.

His breakthrough top 20 single ‘Murder on My Mind‘ went 4 x Platinum in the US, and his 2020 single ‘Suicidal‘ also went top 20.

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Melly’s mom is Jamie Demons-King who has over 150,000 followers on her Instagram account and features the hashtags ‘#YNWQUEEN???? #FreeMelly #BortFree???????? #ynw4l’. He does not know his father.

Melly’s brother is known as YNW BSlime. Born in 2007, he is also a rapper and has over 850,000 subscribers to his Youtube Channel and over 1 million Instagram followers. He is known for his song “Slime Dreams” and has a net worth of $200,000.

At the age of 16, Melly was involved in a shoot out which led to him being charged with aggravated assault and gun possession. It was this jail time that led him to really push his musical career when he was released in 2017.

In February 2019, he was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder regarding the double-murder of 2 members of the YNW hip-hop collective, namely Juvy and Sakchaser. Police allege that he and YNW Bortlen set up the attack, staging the scene to look like a robbery gone wrong. They were both charged with murder.

Additionally, he is also a suspect in the 2017 murder of a sheriff’s deputy. He faces the death penalty. There is currently no release date set.

YNW Melly has a height of 5ft 8in (172cm)

On April 2, 2020 he announced to fans that he had tested positive for Covid-19 Corona virus.

While not making our “Richest Rappers‘ list, he has still done pretty well for himself, continuing to make music while in jail.

YNW Melly has 4.8 million Youtube subscribers.

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