Most Expensive Outboard Motor

outboard motor

An outboard motor is the most common motorised method of propelling small watercraft or boat. The propulsion system consists of a self-contained unit which includes the engine, gearbox and propeller. It is designed to be affixed to the outside of the stern, or rear of the boat.

Whenever you are out boating, a crucial piece of your safety equipment is a good quality radio so you can communicate with other boats and other marine safety officials. We recommend Kenwood.

The prices of outboard motors varies greatly from just a few dollars on a classified ad to tens of thousands of dollars for something like the “Hidea HDEF60EFI Outboard Motor“. Many factors affect the price of an outboard motor such as supply and demand, performance, brand, longevity, brand position and marketing.

The Seven Marine’s 627sv engine is the world’s most powerful engine, with over 1200 parts, selling at an amazing $100,000.

The top selling manufacturers include Mercury, Yamaha, Seven, Suzuki and Evinrude.

Superyachts are too big to have outboard motors and have powerful inboard alternatives. You would never see one of the $800 million ‘Dilbar Yacht by Lürssen

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