Most Expensive Sex Toys


For thousands of years, (28,000 years, according to The Daily Mail), people have looked for special tools and toys in order to have more fun in bed, but some are a little more luxurious than others. Although you can find some pretty affordable options online for both men and women, these are the Top 10 Most Expensive Sex Toys!

The Royal Pearl

10. Maleva and Malonga Chinese Ben Wah Balls – $500

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly these exotic balls do. Well, they reportedly can be used for toning and strengthening vaginal and pelvic floor muscles, and for $500 you can own a pair of your own! And while most don’t cost all that much, these $500 sets of Ben Wah Balls are hand-crafted out of natural stone, soft leather, and native silver that’s mined, poured and carved in Argentina. Thus, if you want a top of the line tool that will allow your privates to become premier performers in bed, then these are the perfect product for you! You can buy regular Ben Wah Balls for less than $10.

9. Imperator Le Cock Ring III Ruby – $548

While some people simply wear cock rings for pleasure, this piece of jewellery truly puts you a step above the rest! Modelled after the jewellery found in Byzantium during the ancient Roman times, the ring is characterised by granulated patterns, intricate overlays, and a brilliant contrast of 18 karat gold, silver, and colourful precious ruby stones. It is also innovative in terms of its design. It is made to easily adjust to your size without the hassle of taking any measurements before ordering. To top this off, it is an effective bulge enhancer, and thus is perfect for anything from an evening out on the town to special occasions with your partner. Thus, if you want to look and feel like a king, you can’t go wrong with this cock ring! Or buy some reasonably priced ones here.

8. Jimmy Jane Platinum Eternity – $1,028

If you want a dildo that is made of only the highest-end materials, then this toy is for you! Coming in at $1,028, it is sleek and simple in its design, yet stands apart due to it being made out of platinum encircled by 28 round-cut VS1 diamonds. To top this off, it is also a high-performance toy, as it has its frequency tuned to provide a deep, resonant sensation and is even dishwasher safe! Thus, if you want a bedroom toy that is an all-around solid item, then the Platinum Eternity is right for you!

7. AHH Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo – $1,089

If you want a toy that is top of the line, then this dildo is for you! Coming in at a price of $1,089, it was reportedly inspired by the volcanic Mount Fuji and is crafted from translucent amber-coloured glass. In order to give it some extra flair, it also has a kangaroo hide handle that is expertly braided by the Queen of England’s whip maker, while also featuring a flared butt and hand-cut whip. These luxury additions allow it to be used for multiple purposes, and ensure that the possibilities truly are endless! Thus, if you’re the type that’s into role play, domination, or cosplay, then this is a must-have in the bedroom!

6. Lelo Earl – $3,579

As far as anal plugs go, few are as pricey as the Lelo Earl. Coated with 24 karat gold and delivered with a satin storage pouch, this toy comes in at $3,579 and is sure to please. It is designed with a carefully made shaft and ring base to provide as much pleasure as possible. Best of all, when you consider that it even comes with a pair of cuff links, it becomes clear that this toy truly is for those who like to both look and play luxuriously. Regular anal plugs cost around $15.

5. Lelo Yva – $4,490

If you’re the type that likes a sensual massage while playing in bed, then the Lelo Yva is for you! Coming in at a price of $4,490, it is built in a similar way to the Lelo Earl, as it is coated in 24 karat gold and comes in a beautiful satin pouch. However, the Lelo Yva stands apart for giving only the best of massages, and has 8 pleasure settings to ensure that you receive the ultimate sensory experience. Thus, if you have money to burn and want to buy what can only be described as the pinnacle of pleasure, then we suggest picking up your own Lelo Yva today!

4. Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator – $18,000

Named after King Charles II of England’s mistress Nell Gwyn, this gold plated vibrator comes in at a cost of $18,000. Crafted by Coco de Mer, London, it is made in such a way that you clip it against your body. To top this off, it also comes in a beautiful artisanally made box which appears to have gold accents as well. Therefore, if you have a lot of money in the bank, then this could be a golden purchase! Or just buy a regular one for $25.

3. Lelo Inez – $20,679

If you’re the type that feels that you can’t put a price on pleasure, then the Lelo Inez is for you! That’s because at a cost of $20,679, you must have some serious cash to afford this luxury. For reference, it is an award-winning sleek and elegant vibrator set in a 24-karat gold plate. Beyond its looks, it is also technologically advanced, as it has eight pleasure settings and is fully rechargeable. As such, you can’t go wrong with splashing some cash on this one of a kind item!

2. Velv’Or King J Cobra – $134,000

While wrapping a golden snake around your privates may not sound all that appealing, for some, it is quite the turn on! As such, there exists a market for the King J Cobra, which is essentially a snake-shaped genital ring handmade out of solid gold by an award-winning silversmith. Suppose you’d like to add even more bling to this absolute work of art. In that case, you can choose to have a diamond, pearl or gemstone set in his mouth or have the snake’s chest set with numerous diamonds or precious gemstones. Thus, as far as luxury jewellery goes, few pieces are quite as raunchy or expensive as the $134,000 King J Cobra!

1. Royal Pearl – $1,000,000

While many people value sexual stimulation, you really have to put a pretty big price tag on it to buy the Royal Pearl! That’s because its price of $1 million makes it the world’s most expensive sex toy. Yet, when you consider that it sports a platinum body covered with 2,000 diamonds, some royal-blue sapphires, and rare pink diamonds, it’s not hard to see why! Creator, Colin Burn (Australian Artist) initially made it as a sort of social experiment, as he said “My inspiration was to create something that shows the value people place on sex. People spend lots of money for the experiences of owning Supercars and the like, but would they pay for this?” And while we may not spend that type of money on a sex toy, we’re sure there are some people out there that would!